Is your business underinsured?

Here's an all too common scenario. A business owner is asleep after a hard day's work and the phone rings; his business premises are on fire. He races across town and literally watches as his… Read More

What’s the real cost of a data breach?

Legislation passed this year means that it may be mandatory for your business to report data breaches to the government and to your customers.  This makes your data security more important than ever before. In… Read More

The Matter of Cost vs. Advice

In my day-to-day work as a Commercial Insurance Broker I get the unenviable pleasure of hearing a raft of marketing and sales white noise about what’s important. One of the favourite chestnuts of various sources… Read More

Why you need a broker

Insurance has become a necessity - whether it's for a business, a house, a boat, or our family's health - everyone buys it. There are many different ways to buy insurance. But how do you… Read More

The importance of travel insurance

If there has been one good thing to come from the Bali flight cancellations caused by the volcanic ash, it was more awareness of "the value of quality Insurance products". The Insurance Council of Australia… Read More

The importance of smoke alarms

The Queensland Fire and Emergency Services recommend that all residential accommodation be fitted with photoelectric smoke alarms. When you go to sleep, your sense of smell also goes to sleep. If there is a fire,… Read More

Home Based Business? Know your risks.

With over 1 million people operating a business from their homes, Home Based Businesses (HBBs) are an important sector of the Australian business community. most home policies require you to inform them you operate business… Read More

Data for sale

The Internet and email: the two most essential tools, absolutely crucial to 21st century business operations. Whether it be online e-retail sites, internet banking, marketing to prospects, contacting clients or communication with suppliers, statistics tells… Read More
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