ABF Travel Insurance Claims

How to make a claim

If you have an overseas medical emergency:

  1. As soon as possible contact CUSTOMER CARE on +61 (0) 2 8907 5953 and quote the policy number that is on your certificate of insurance;
  2. If your luggage, passport, wallet or is lost or stolen:
    1. Immediately (within 24 HOURS of the loss) report the loss or theft to the nearest police station and obtain a written police report.
    2. If necessary, replace the lost or stolen article/s with a similar item and keep the receipt of purchase.
    3. The claim must be reported within 31 days after the expiry of the trip during which the claim occurred.
    4. To report the claim (upon your return to Australia) contact Gallagher Bassett Services, ABF Travel Insurance claims Dept on +61 7 3005 1613, or complete and lodge a claim form.
      • When you have completed the appropriate sections & signed & dated the claim form, please send the claim form and all supporting documentation to Gallagher Bassett – Travel Claims Department (ABF Travel Claims) using one the below methods:
      • POST: GPO Box 14, Brisbane, QLD, 4001
      • FAX:  +61 (7) 3005 1899
      • EMAIL:
    5. Please note policy limits and or conditions may apply to claims in relation to money, unattended luggage and personal effects.
  3. All Claims need to be supported by original supporting receipts and documentation such as police reports, doctor’s reports, transport provider’s reports, receipts, valuations or proof of ownership.
  4. Please note, in accordance with the Schedule Of Cover there is a $200 excess under your policy for each separate claimable incident or event.

Click here to download a claim form pdf.

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