Claims Management

When it comes down to it, you pay your insurance premium for one reason only; so you can be protected when the ‘what if’s’ happen. This is the most important function we perform for our clients.

The primary responsibility of our Claims Department is to guide our clients through the claim process. This means that we act as your advocate to obtain the best possible result for you, navigating the maze of insurer requirements and obtaining satisfactory resolution. Read more

TBIB assigns the highest priority to our client’s claims to ensure that insurers respond quickly and equitably.Thanks to our long standing relationships with our underwriters, our partnership with the Steadfast Group and our understanding of our clients’ situations, we can simplify the confusing business of lodging, managing and negotiating claims, and arrange for faster settlement.

There are several elements to our service that help us to ensure good claims settlement results for our clients:

  • We make every effort to ensure that our clients are correctly covered, and understand what they are covered for, and the limits of their cover.
  • Through our association with the Steadfast Group we aim to offer industry leading policy wordings where applicable.
  • Constant communication.
  • Use of insurers that have good claims payment reputations and acceptable financial security.
  • Rigorous advocacy on behalf of our clients.
  • Report claims to appropriate carriers on behalf of our clients in an effort to expedite the claims. Discuss the claim process with the client and inform them of any apparent coverage issues.
  • Research coverage issues through policy analysis, current case law, and industry trends. Pursue positive claim resolution on “gray area” claims and denials.
  • Meet with clients when appropriate to discuss individual claim needs and concerns.
  • Follow up with claim adjusters and clients as a claim advocate to ensure that any outstanding documentation has been submitted and that the claim is proceeding to settlement.
  • Provide claim kits to clients to help guide them through the relevant procedures in the event of a claim.

24-hour emergency claim service contacts.


Ideally you will never have to make a claim against your insurance. However, when things go awry and you are involved in an accident, loss or even a full blown disaster, you will probably need to make a claim. We have a team of dedicated claims managers who will manage the claims handling process.

So how do you make a claim? And how do we manage the process for you? Read more

Step 1:

The first thing you must do is to ensure that everyone is safe and that any building or structures involved are safe and secure.  Emergency services or police may need to be notified where there are injuries or danger to others or the surrounding area.

TBIB recommends the services of Ben Campbell Building Group (1300 938 040,  Contact them and let them know you are a client of TBIB if emergency repairs are required on a building or structure.

Step 2:

Please contact us as soon as is practical after the event happens. You can click here to notify us of a claim or call our office and speak directly with the claims team or your Account Manager.  If the event happens outside of working hours, you can find a list of after hours claims notification hotline numbers on this page.

Step 3:

We’ll establish the circumstances of the loss and advise you accordingly. TBIB will notify the insurance company and we may appoint a loss assessor or claims preparation consultant to promote a favourable and timely outcome for your claim.

We’ll advise you on your best course of action and arrange the relevant documentation  and our recommendations on the information required.

Step 4

Once we are in possession of the relevant documentation our claims team will review the material in conjunction with the policy wording and send a submission to your insurance company. We will keep you in the loop the whole time right up until settlement.


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